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The www.WebbyBoy.co.uk site first came online in 2006, and is now in its sixth incarnation.

The current site has been cut from the HTML5 template, Strata by HTML5 UP - html5up.net | @n33co

WebbyBoy Version Seven is currently being designed to encompass not only the recent advances in open source hardware, but intends to become a fully mobile, self-hosting product with WebbyServer / Portal at its core.


From 2015 WebbyBoy.co.uk is the proud home of WebbySoftware.

Webby Software

Innovation or rejuvenation: WebbySoftware - bespoke application design for .NET and the Android operating systems.

WebbySoftware has both a list of Applications for development, and a direction for the company. Read more at the link below.

Background / Sidebar Image

The Internet 2003

Although there are more up-to-date images, this Internet 2003 visualisation is the one which grabbed us at WebbyBoy most. With the WebbyBoy brand now in its tenth virtual year, we decided to celebrate it with an internet backdrop.


THE INTERNET 2003: This is our first full Internet map with color and other graphing logic. RFC1918 addresses have been hashed into a unique checksum so they do not incorrectly overlap with other routers or hosts. The checksums resolve to the same host each time to be sure that all routes connect correctly. Another bit of code also removed the routing loops that made a rather large mess out of previous maps. The colors were based on Class A allocation of IP space to different registrars in the world. (Extract from opte site)

Date: Nov 22 2003 - Graph Engine: LGL 2D Coords, LGL Edge Colors

Graph Colors:
Asia Pacific Red
Europe/Middle East/Central Asia/Africa Green
North America Blue
Latin American and Caribbean Yellow
RFC1918 IP Addresses Cyan
Unknown White




Trevor Samuel Nicholl was born in Coleraine, Northern Ireland. He currently lives in Manchester, England with his wife Debbie, and two spoilt cats.

Trevor has been writing both fiction and non-fiction since 1994, and from 2012 is working to incorporate writing with new technologies.

The popular Tobacco Growing Guide has been released on Google Books, in Digital Format only. His fictional horror, The HarpIES was released on 7/7/17 in multiple formats.

T.S.Nicholl is currently working on his new book - Last night at The End, which is expected for publication in 2019.

Click here to read more on Growing Tobacco.

Click here to read about The HarpIES

WebbyBoy Music

The WebbyBoy music section has been reopened, but you will only be able to stream and listen to the DJ Sets @ https://www.mixcloud.com/WebbyBoy/

Still producing, WebbyBoy is working on an acoustic album of his own work and still dips a toe into the world of electronicia.

You will soon be able to stream and download the WebbyBoy Albums from the Music section, through our new HTML5 Music Player.

You can download the WebbyBoy DJ Sets direct, from the following link:

Download The WebbyBoy Sets Directly @ www.WebbyBoy.co.uk

Music Section

T.S.Nicholl - Sole Trader (WebbySoftware 2016-18)