WebbyBoy DJ Sets

WebbyBoy has been DJing since 1995, and released his first recorded Internet set in 2004.

Still producing, WebbyBoy is working on an acoustic album of his own work and still dips a toe into the world of electronicia.

You can stream and download the WebbyBoy Albums from the Music section, through our new HTML5 Music Player.

Or you can Stream the DJ Sets directly @ MixCloud.

Self Produced Albums:

WebbyBoy released his first 'self produced' album in 2002, with the latest 'best of' being released in 2015. 13 heralds an end to the electronicia focus, and more towards an acoustic / natural feel.

01 - The Sound Of Paint Drying.
02 - You Have Been Ripped Off.
03 - Internet Unfriendly.
04 - The Last Arrangement.
05 - The Lyrical Heist.
06 - Copyright Delinquient.
07 - 13 (Best Of).

Original Soundtrack:

2015 - The Organ Grinder:

WebbyBoy - The Organ Grinder by Webbyboy on Mixcloud

2015 - Super Silver:

WebbyBoy - Super Silver by Webbyboy on Mixcloud

2015 - The Cinematic Orchestra:

WebbyBoy - The Cinematic Orchestra by Webbyboy on Mixcloud

2014 - In Amon The Chickens (Amon Tobin):

WebbyBoy - In Amon The Chickens by Webbyboy on Mixcloud

The Beast In Me:

WebbyBoy is but an itch under the skin.